Leandra Benjamin

Based in Rio de Janeiro, Leandra sparked her interest in photography in visits to various exhibitions and watching the stunning location nature in Australia, when she was only 17 years old. Back in Brazil, with her first photographic experiments, she began a series of courses and had the guidance of excellent teachers who realized her peculiar look and helped with technical improvement.
The dedication and commitment to photography, and the recognition of other photographers and related professionals, soon turned the dream into a profession. She was then hired to work as a still photographer on her first feature film “Corda Bamba.”
By affinity with sports and in response to her professionalism, she was invited to work at Clube de Regatas do Flamengo,
where she created her own style and took her first steps in the artistic photojournalism.
Willing to improve her knowledge in this new area of work, she studied Sports Journalism. The distinctive look took her photos on the covers of major newspapers, websites, sports magazines and outdoors in the country. Her performance in various sports, called the attention of companies, and she earned an invitation to work at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.
Back to Rio, she worked at the coming of Pope Francis in Brazil during the World Youth Day in 2013 and also on the World Judo Championship in the same year.
Having her work recognized by managers and fans of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, she was hired to do the photography direction of advertising campaigns, focusing on the  major sports of the club, football and basketball.
In addition to the World Surfing Championship in 2015, she worked on several test events of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, on the World Swimming Championship in Glasgow, on the Parapan American Games in Toronto, at “Bienal do Livro Rio”, on the “Paralympic Awards 2015,” she filmed a documentary during the “World Indigenous Games” in Palmas and did the photography direction of “Modo Avião”, a travel program  in Jalapão.
These works resulted in a series of exhibitions at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Madureira Park, in Rio’s subway stations and at the Museum of Tomorrow.
In 2016, among other works, she did the photography direction of the music video “Menino” by the singer Mari Blue, did promotional portraits for some athletes to the press and made the coverage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016. She has photographed 27 Olympic and Paralympic sports.
Currently Leandra Benjamin invests in her own company, LBM Imagens, working with photography and filming for private and corporate events.
Despite being a specialist in sports, she photographs everything that can not be forgotten in life.


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